Fly Fishing

Access to the river is split between two game farms with both farms providing exclusive access to the Bushmans River with access to approximately 28km of river, each farm having access to 14km of river. Currently, we only allow one group of either hunters or fishermen on a farm, thus the farm will be for your exclusive use during your stay here. Fishing is mostly for Natal Yellowfish (Labeobarbus natalensis) but other species although not as abundant can also be targeted. To date Natal Yellowfish, Common & Mirror Carp and Barbel have been recorded in the river. Access to some parts of the river is limited to high clearance vehicles only, but there are spots within reach by foot or sedan. Please visit our 4×4 routes page for maps.

For the Fly Fishermen looking for a complete Bushmans River Experience, try your hand at fishing the higher reaches of the Bushmans River for Rainbow and Brown Trout at the Gaints Castle Reserve which is only 90km from Weenen town making for a easy day trip. These waters are rated as some of the best for “wild” browns and set in a scenic venue just below the Drakensberg. There after head back to one of our venues to fish for our indigenous “Bushveld” Scallies for the total Bushmans River Experience.

There is currently only unguided fly fishing on offer but we can assists with some guidance on the best spots or you can contact Konrad who will you on the right track in regards to fly fishing. Bait or Art Lure fishing may also be done but fly fishing for Natal Yellowfish will definitely give you the best fishing experience.

Fly fishing techniques used for Natal Yellowfish may include Czech Nymping for those willing to wade or using New Zealand Rigs. It has to be noted that Wading is done on one’s own risk as that crocodiles have been seen in the past although they are very skittish and wary of man.

Flies That have been most effective in the area thus far have been Caddis flies (Size #1 to #12) and various nymphs in sizes down to #16. Most flies that are used for Smallmouth Yellowfish will work, especially those hot spot caddis’s! The use of circle hooks are advised on your Caddis flies as the river does contain a lot of debris and using circle hooks will give you the opportunity to get your flies in the the strike zone (on the bottom) without much fear of losing them.

Fishing is best in the transitional seasons (Fall & Spring) as the combination of water temperatures and river levels are at its best. Fishing in winter can be difficult but very rewarding as water clarity improves. The peak of summer is usually best left for the river rafters as the water levels and flow are too high to effectively get flies down to the fish, low rain seasons are thus the best.

For more information please ask to be put into contact with Konrad Dorfing from Fly Or Die on 082 692 5552

Note: We strictly support catch and release, if guests are found with any fish that is not released a fine of R500 per fish may be enforced and/or you may be asked to vacate our premises. Provincial bag limits thus do not apply on our waters.